This is where I plan to post everything from what I am writing, to what I’m thinking about writing, to just what I am thinking about… I’m a sci-fi guy (in case you couldn’t tell) who’s pretty sure he ended up on Earth by accident and is always looking to escape. I wasn’t kidding about this in my bio—if you have a ship that can get me off this rock, DM me. You can DM me on substack, right? If not, I’m on Twitter. You should also check out as that will have some other great content, too. That is my main site.

On this blog(?) don’t expect perfection. Perfection isn’t my goal. My goal is to tell cool stories, funny jokes, make you think, and in that way, change the world for the better.

Thanks and sorry you’re stuck on this planet, too.

This is me when I had covid. It’s actually me as I type this. I probably don’t have covid or than zit on my face as you’re reading this now. Time travel. Cool.

Earth has viruses. Not ok.

Do you know of any other planets that have viruses? Of course not.

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Pete Nicholls
I write fiction, about writing/movies/TV/nerdy stuff. A humble writer/cartoonist making his way thru the galaxy. Found myself on Earth. Looking for a way off. Got a ship? DM me. Like what I write? Get a paid sub: